The Blank Page/ The Empty Mind

How liberating! To have an open mind ready to receive other thoughts, beliefs, approaches of thought in directions not considered.

How confident to have thoughts and knowledge and wisdom of ancient truths and light and love. To be able to say: this is, as if it is an absolute, timeless truth.

Can these two live in one’s consciousness? Of course. One enriches the other, broadens and defines more clearly. Horizons do not end with our limited vision.

We as a population are told by the scientific community that our universe and others are collapsing. At the very same time it is expanding.

This must be a plan of the Creator’s to make room for the Hope’s, the Imaginations, the New Thoughts.

Perhaps we might consider being open to receive new (to us) concepts and ideas.

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The Unknown visits………..

While poking around via the internet, this lovely  little blog popped up.

To say my chin hit my chest is correct enough. My eyes popped open, way open.

A bit digging around in old papers and files, some a couple of years old, and Ta-Da, access.


We’ll see, the future remains open………….

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